UNICUM Domotics solutions

Unicum’s new domotics portfolio consist in a range is made from a range of components allowing the user to build his own solution for controlling the cover remotely. This ecosystem is based on a universal receiver installed near the motor control panel, and acting in parallel with the key switch.

This receiver can then be easily combined with one or several remote control devices, portable or wall-mounted. Communication is carried out on a frequency of 868 MHz, which guarantees a big enough transmission range.

In addition, for those who wish to use their smartphone to open and close the pool cover, the universal receiver might be combined with a smartphone adapter which uses the Bluetooth protocol for communication between the smartphone and the adapter.
This Domotics featuring set can therefore be used on any current UNICUM enclosures, but also on all previous versions and on all motorized pool covers equipped with UNICUM motors.

With proper installation of the adapter and by limitation of the Bluetooth power (from the smartphone application), the compliance with NF P30-308 can be fully ensured.

Universal Radio Receiver

The heart of the domotics system is a two-channel radio receiver that is powered by 24V DC and must be installed near the motor controller box. The connections are made with 3 wires in parallel to the key switch.

Once properly powered, it can be easily associated with any of the other home automation suite devices through 868 MHz frequency communication.

Technical specifications

– Power supply 12/24V DC
– IP54 enclosure
– Transmission frequency: 868 MHz
– Coded communication protocol
– Max. number of associable devices: 42
– Operating temperature: 0° – 50°C
– Dimensions: 118x52x25 mm

Handheld Remote control

This remote control device is a small portable two-channel wireless transmitter, supplied with its wall mounting clip.

Technical specifications

– Power supply: 3V
– Lithium battery
– Degree of protection: IP20
– Dimensions: 60x30x10 mm

Radio Digicode

The battery-powered radio digicode is dedicated to open and close the pool cover. The function is enabled only after correctly entering the programmable security code.

Technical specifications

– Power supply: 9V (on battery)
– Degree of protection: IP54
– Dimensions: 115x75x75x32 mm

Smartphone Adapter

This smartphone adapter communicates on one way by radio with the universal receiver, and on the other way by Bluetooth with any smartphone equipped with the free UNICUM App (Android or IOS). The adapter can be powered either by 230V AC or 24V DC, which allows to chose its most suitable location.

The smartphone application allows to set the security code configuration and power of the Bluetooth source. The adapter can be physically be set near the pool cover (e. g. in the post of an aboveground pool cover system). The operator is able to minimize the Bluetooth range and thus obtain a system configuration that complies with the NFP standard.

Technical specifications

– Power supply: 230V AC or 24 V DC
– Degree of protection: IP54
– Dimensions: 115x65x40 mm

UNIPool Pilot App

Entering a security code to access the controls (1) is mandatory when anyone is looking to use an automated system to open and close a pool cover.

When the user is asking to close the pool, he has to confirm being near enough to the basin for checking that no one is still in the water. Confirming that this is the case is then the only way to go ahead with the basin closing procedure (2).

In the settings and adjustments page, it is possible to modify the power emitted by the Bluetooth, especially to reduce its emission level in the case of an above-ground application with the receiver enclosure mounted in the pool cover post. Following this way (and if the installation is correct in regards to the other standards) the pool cover system will fully comply with the NF P30-308 (3).

Technical documentation

We provide you with the technical data sheets of our devices free of charge.

Download a pdf version by clicking on the button with the arrow.

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