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UNICUM began since the 90ties to produce motors for swimming pool covers; at that time the market was in its early stage.

Its consolidated knowledge of power transmission components allows UNICUM to deeply understand customers’ needs thus becoming quickly the market leader in this niche.

The Market Leader

Heavy investments in research and development, together with company know-how and experience, brought to the conception of some patented solutions answering and sometimes even anticipating customers’ expectations. Production capacity have been also continuously improved, either in terms of volume and quality.

If UNICUM is still a market leader today, this is a direct consequence of this strategy which has been preserved and developed since the origins: technical innovation, high service standards and an extensive production quality control.

UNICUM technology and patents

Constant Positioning System (patent CPS)

It assures that cover is correctly hold in its position when the motor is stopped and not powered. That’s a security function which is obtained by using a smart permanent magnetic brake, replacing the traditional electromagnetic brake which is often source of failures when stuck.

Mechanical Limit Switch (patent MLS)

It’s the final solution against problems related to limit switches; a mechanical coding device replaces electronical sensors which, as a matter of fact, are very sensitives and fault prone to electrical and magnetic perturbations as the ones typically present during thunderstorms.

EDEL, the optional stainless steel housing

EDEL is a range of product equipped of a stainless steel housing which combines mechanical robustness and oxidation resistance.

Power supply electronic control boxes conceived for easy installation

It’s a range of electronic control boxes which are offering a reliable and stable AC/DC power conversion together with motor control. They are conceived to ease their installation even if a complete set of up to date features is available on the board.

Our product range

UNICUM is one of the leading European manufacturers of geared motors for swimming pool covers. The range offered is the widest in terms of torque (from 120 to 850 Nm) and includes tubular or cubic versions, in IP55 or IP68 standards.

For more than 30 years, pool motors have been part of UNICUM’s DNA, with a constant desire to innovate and pursue the development of new products. This ability to adapt reflects a willingness to follow its customers through current and future technological changes.

With its impeccable service, high standards throughout the assembly of its products and strong quality control as its watchwords, it remains the leader on its market and has many loyal customers.



PL & DL Series

Tubular IP55 & Cubic hollow shaft motors



DL Series

Cubic hollow shaft motors



PL Series

Tubular IP68 motors



PL & DL Series

Tubular IP55 & Cubic hollow shaft motors




Tubular Double-sided & Cubic hollow shaft motors




Tubular Double-sided

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We are now offering a choice of 3 electronic control boards to adjust to different installation options: in the post holding the cover or directly in the poool house. You now also have the choice between a square or round head support plate. More…

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